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 A baby naming ceremony is a beautiful way to formally name and introduce your  baby to your friends and family.

The ceremony is often held at around the same time or before the baby's first birthday party.

As there is no legal aspect to this ceremony, it can be held wherever you like, such as at home, in the garden,  a park, the woods, at a hotel or at your local community centre.

I will spend time getting to know your family so I can help you create a ceremony which is personal and meaningful.

Together we will discuss your promises to your child and your hopes and dreams for them. who you would like to be involved in your child's life and how we can include them and play a part in your ceremony.

I can also help you choose, or write readings, poems, symbols and the  music you might like.

Your role
During the ceremony, you will talk about your love and commitment to your child, maybe about how you chose their name and talk about your hopes and dreams for their future.

Choosing family or friends as Godparents

Whilst the naming ceremony isn't legal or religious, its still a lovely idea to have someone who your child can rely upon as a guiding influence and who will be there for them throughout their life. During the ceremony  you may want to acknowledge those roles and include  family, friends, grandparents,  Godparents or Guide parents and give them a role to play during the ceremony.

Using symbols that have meaning to your family will make your ceremony uniquely personal.

It may be passing on an heirloom that has meaning and a story behind it, family and friends may write a note and place it in a box or jar, or they each give a token they can keep.

There are many ideas we can discuss and traditional symbols used, such as sand ceremonies, tree-planting, candle-lighting, hand or foot-printing can be included.

The Ceremony
The official ceremony can vary in length but is usually around 20 to 30 minutes long.

You and your family can then enjoy and celebrate the rest of the day.

Not just for babies

Naming ceremonies are also suitable for toddlers, older children, adopted children and stepchildren.

Prices start from £160 within Merseyside

Call me for an informal chat, we can talk through your ideas.

Once you are happy to book me as your celebrant, you can secure your booking with a deposit and I will save the date.  


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