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"Passionate about helping you create your perfect ceremony"  


Hi, I'm Su Grainger, I have been a singer, voice and presentation coach and choir director for over 15 years. I have worked and performed with many fabulous people and organisations across Merseyside and throughout the North West.

 I am a regular radio guest and have spoken at many business and charity events and recently became an author

After singing and performing at weddings and funerals for many years, it was a natural choice for me to be drawn to the role of a celebrant.


I am passionate about people and love listening to their stories.

To help a happy couple or new parents  create their perfect ceremony, filled with unique touches, is exciting and rewarding. 

The honour I feel when I assist and lead a family in saying goodbye to their loved one is humbling and fills me with pride and a sense of having helped a family during a most difficult time.

Whatever event you are planning, I will sit with you, listen to your ideas and together we can plan your day.


"A perfectionist in every detail" 

I love creating a perfect day with every detail well thought out, practised and approved by you

I have trained with the best and most experienced professionals within the wedding and funeral industry whose continuous support and training gives me confidence and knowledge that the service I provide is highly professional and means I deliver the very best for you on the day of your ceremony 

Call or email me for an informal chat about your ideas and to learn more about what I offer and how using a celebrant works  

Su Grainger

 Civil celebrant 

Member of the Academy of professional  celebrants

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